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Gradle Newsletter
July 2017

Welcome to the July newsletter!

The Gradle team has been working hard on the upcoming Gradle 4.1 release, which will contain a number of improvements to parallel execution, the build cache, Java 9 support, composite builds, and more. Please download and try Gradle 4.1 RC1 — we would love your feedback.

Gradle 4.1 Parallel Test Display

In parallel, Gradle Enterprise has added powerful new tools for understanding and debugging build caching and incremental builds in its 2017.4 release. This release also introduces support for remote build cache nodes, and more.

It was wonderful to interact with the Gradle community at the Gradle Summit last month. Thank you to everyone who spoke or attended. Videos of all sessions are now published to the Gradle YouTube channel — enjoy!

Feedback from our online Gradle training classes has been overwhelmingly positive, so we are pleased to begin to offer free training in German, and we will be investing in further expansion in the future. Stay tuned!

Last but not least, we’re pleased to announce a new home for Gradle Guides: a centralized place for getting started, plugin development, and in-depth guides!

The Gradle Team

New Releases

  • Gradle Enterprise 2017.4 — Featuring task inputs comparison, task output origin tracing, and much more in this release.

Gradle Enterprise 2017.4 build comparison

  • Gradle 4.0.1 — This bug-fix release addresses regressions in 4.0; upgrade recommended.

  • Gradle Kotlin DSL version 0.10 — Featuring a new kotlin-dsl plugin, the latest version of Kotlin (1.1.3), and many improvements to usability, stability, and performance.

  • ktlint-gradle — A wrapper around ktlint for linting Kotlin sources.
  • Gretty 2.0.0 — Major upgrade of a plugin for running web applications. This new version includes support for Gradle 4.0, Jetty 9.4, and Spring Boot 1.5.4 among other improvements.
  • gradle-completion 1.2.0 — Featuring Gradle 4.0 options completion, background cache updates, and gw support.

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