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Gradle Newsletter
Kotlin Special Edition

Welcome to a special Kotlin edition of the Gradle Newsletter!

There hasn’t come a better time to try out Kotlin. Interest in this new language has skyrocketed since Google announced Kotlin as an official language for Android.

We’ve gotten requests for guidance on how to build Kotlin libraries and applications with Gradle. We are delighted to unveil Building Kotlin JVM Libraries: a new getting started guide that walks you through building a simple library in 100% Kotlin including tests, documentation, and publishing. Spending 15 minutes completing it will be time well-spent.

We are proud to be a silver partner for KotlinConf, which is just 6 weeks away. Hans will be presenting Building Kotlin Applications at Scale, and Rodrigo and Eric will be happy to answer all your Kotlin Gradle questions at our booth. You can use the promo code GRADLE10 to get 10% off at registration or 20% if you attend the just-announced workshop with GRADLE20. We hope you’ll join us.

Until next time!

The Gradle Team

New Releases

  • Gradle’s Kotlin DSL v0.11 — Big steps toward general usability, with asynchronous script classpath resolution and utilities like withGroovyBuilder for Groovy-heavy DSLs.

  • Kotlin 1.1.4 — Features improved Java 9 support, package-default nullability annotations, and many improvements to Gradle and IntelliJ IDEA integration.

Kotlin Resources

Bookmark these if you’re interested in getting started with Kotlin.

  • Awesome Kotlin — Curated but community-backed collection of Kotlin resources from books to libraries of every sort.
  • Kotlin Koans — A collection of exercises designed to take you from “hello world” to Kotlin-fluent. These can even be done online.
  • Kotlin Blog — Follow major Kotlin announcements and news directly from JetBrains.

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