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KotlinConf 2017 was amazing, and we’re so glad you took time to see what Gradle is cooking these days.

Very soon you will be able to use Kotlin for nearly your entire development stack, including authoring Gradle builds using a Kotlin DSL. In fact, the Kotlin build itself does! We’re working hard on better docs for Kotlin DSL 1.0, but for now you can find good examples in our Building Kotlin JVM Libraries guide and this collection of Kotlin DSL samples.

The video of “Building Kotlin Applications at Scale with Gradle” from KotlinConf has just been posted! Remember, if you ever have a question or run into trouble, you can connect with the Gradle team on the Kotlin Slack, #gradle channel or use the Gradle Forums.

Look, we know you want blazing fast builds, and that’s why we created a suite of tools called Gradle Enterprise that help you to maximize caching, parallelism, and incrementality in your Gradle builds. You can learn more about features like remote caching in our improving developer productivity with Gradle Enterprise video or live training, or easily try Gradle Enterprise locally using a VM.

Looking forward to seeing you at KotlinConf 2018!

– The Gradle Team


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