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Gradle Newsletter
November 2017

Welcome to the November Newsletter!

This issue covers new Gradle and Gradle Enterprise hosted trials, documentation improvements, and community updates.

First up, Gradle 4.4 has just been released! This release features:

  • Better incremental build and build cache support for C and C++
  • Visual Studio 2017 support
  • Support for version ranges in parent elements in a POM
  • Kotlin DSL v0.13, Play 2.6 support, and more!

Figure: Developing a C++ Library in Visual Studio 2017

Announcing fully hosted Gradle Enterprise trials! You can now try Gradle Enterprise with no setup. Just fill out this form and we’ll provision and host a Gradle Enterprise trial instance for you on the web.

Finally, you may see a few improvements in the Gradle docs today, with many more to come. Please fill out this 1-minute survey to help us figure out which improvements matter most to you. In the meantime, enjoy a brand new guide to the Worker API for parallelizing your custom Gradle tasks!

Until next time!

The Gradle Team

From the Community

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