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Gradle Newsletter
March 2018

Welcome to the March Newsletter!

We hope you can enjoy some sun this time of year. This issue features brand-new build cache training, a blog post from Gradle CEO Hans Dockter on the challenges of being a build engineer, interactive debugging Gradle scripts, tutorials for build engineers, and plugin portal improvements.

From the community

Here are some very interesting new plugins and blog posts from the month of March.

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Build Cache Deep Dive

Proper use of the build cache significantly reduces build times, and we want everyone to use it, so Gradle is announcing new Build Cache training!

In 3 hours, you’ll:

  • Try both local and remote build caches on a real project
  • Learn strategies for sharing and reusing build outputs
  • Customize your build cache configuration
  • Make un-cacheable tasks cacheable and feel the speed difference
  • Learn effective shared cache management techniques

The training will conclude with 30 minutes of Q&A so you can learn how to apply the build cache to your unique projects. Learn more.

The Challenges of Build Engineers

Hans Dockter writes on organizational anti-patterns that have emerged around building more complex software stacks, the business impact a healthy developer productivity culture can have, and how to use data to improve your engineering effectiveness.

From the article:

The benefits for an organization are enormous. The most successful organizations build hundreds of thousands of times a day. Why so many builds? Their successful build process enables them to build in smaller increments, to ship more updates with higher reliability and quality. This saves millions in lost R&D and opportunity cost.

You can read the full post on The Challenge of the Build Engineer.

Tutorials for build engineers

Keeping your build fast and reliable is not a one-time job, it requires the right culture and the right tools.

We have written a new collection of tutorials that show how you can use build scans for:

Interactive debugging Gradle through your IDE

Did you know that you can stop on breakpoints and step through your Gradle build logic just like your other sources?

Follow these steps in our troubleshooting guide to configure your IDE and Gradle to debug any code under buildSrc/, and build.gradle.kts files.

Gradle Plugin Portal now mirrorable

The Plugin Portal can now be mirrored by any software capable of mirroring a maven2-compatible repository, such as Artifactory or Nexus. This is useful for developers to have a local mirror of all external software for security or auditing purposes.

See the instructions for mirroring the Gradle Plugin Portal.

Upcoming online training

Until next time!

The Gradle Team


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