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Gradle Newsletter
June 2018

Welcome to the June Newsletter!

In this issue, we’ll cover a brand-new Gradle release, which annotation processors have gone incremental, and Gradle C++ project support in CLion. In other news, Gradle is hiring — see details below.

From the Community

Here are some interesting pieces and projects from the past month.

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Gradle 4.8

A shiny new Gradle build tool release 4.8 comes jam-packed with features:

  • Dependency locking, making builds reproducible even when using dynamic dependencies
  • New type-safe DSLs to customize POMs or Ivy module descriptors for publishing
  • Signing plugin support for signing all artifacts of a publication
  • More robust incremental annotation processing
  • Kotlin DSL v0.17, featuring faster configuration time and convenient configuration of nested extensions
  • Improved Gradle native support allowing better control over system include path and more

Read the full release notes for more details and examples.

Adopting Incremental Annotation Processing

Since Gradle 4.7, several annotation processors have begun declaring support for incremental annotation processing, with Lombok and Android-State leading the way.

Users of these libraries should upgrade to their latest versions to get faster builds as they opt-in to incremental compilation. You can follow progress of your favorite annotation processors in this GitHub issue-turned feature dashboard.

CLion + Gradle for C++ Projects

We are excited to share that JetBrains CLion 2018.2 EAP includes support for projects that use the new Gradle C++ plugins.

You can try this out with one of these sample projects or your own and provide feedback via Twitter or YouTrack for CLion.

We think this is a big step forward for enabling better automation of native projects.

Upcoming online training

Gradle is hiring!

You can improve workflow for millions of developers with a remote-first, flexible, and ambitious team. Interested? Here’s a few of the roles we’re looking for right now.

You can learn more at

Until next time!

The Gradle Team


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