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Gradle Newsletter
July 2018

Welcome to the July Newsletter!

We hope you are able to enjoy a nice vacation this time of year. There’s quite a reading list below we think you’ll enjoy whether you’re seeking some sun or escaping it.

In this issue, we’ll cover new releases Gradle 4.9 and Gradle Enterprise 2018.3, as well as new guides.

From the community

There are so many plugins and posts to feature that we had to give them their own subsections! Keep sending your creations to

Blog Posts


Gradle 4.9

Gradle 4.9 was recently released, and addresses 2 of your highest voted Gradle issues:

  • CLI arguments for JavaExec tasks
  • Project dependencies having 2+ publications

It also features incubating lazy task APIs, an improved dependency insight report, new publishing docs and more.

Details available in the release notes.

Gradle Enterprise 2018.3

Gradle Enterprise 2018.3 features:

  • Full buildSrc insights in build scans
  • Performance measurements for lifecycle hooks (e.g. afterEvaluate)
  • Automated deployment of build cache nodes
  • First-class Kubernetes support

Read the release notes to learn more.

New Gradle guides

We are pleased to introduce 2 brand new Gradle guides:

Please let us know what other guides would be most helpful to you by filing your suggestions on the gradle/guides GitHub repo.

Upcoming online training

Until next time!

The Gradle Team


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