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Gradle Newsletter
August 2018

Welcome to the August Newsletter!

This issue covers a faster and tidier Gradle 4.10, the last release before Gradle 5.0.

Gradle Enterprise 2018.4 will help you prepare for Gradle 5.0 with new deprecations inspections and deeper performance profiling.

There’s not just Gradle 5.0 to look forward to. It’s also time to get ready for Kotlin DSL 1.0 — version 1.0 RC is available and ready for your feedback.

Aside, Gradle Inc. has several new open positions available. Please check them out if you’re interested.

From the community

Some interesting new posts and plugins from this month for your reading list.

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Kotlin DSL 1.0 release candidate

Kotlin DSL version 1.0 RC is now available; major updates from v0.18 include configuration avoidance, buildSrc refactoring propagation to the IDE, and the last set of backward compatibility-breaking changes until Gradle 6.0.

We want your feedback before Gradle 5.0, which is next. Please read this blog post for guidance on trying Gradle’s Kotlin DSL and submitting issues.

Gradle Enterprise 2018.4

Deprecated Gradle APIs will be removed in Gradle 5.0. Fortunately, Gradle Enterprise 2018.4 features a new Deprecations view that makes it easy to find and address usages of deprecated Gradle APIs, not only in your build but also in external plugins applied to your build.

In addition to itemizing deprecations, this release also features:

  • Deeper configuration time profiling
  • Information about repositories used to resolve dependencies
  • Individual build cache entry inspection and deletion

You can learn more in the Gradle Enterprise 2018.4 release notes.

Gradle 4.10

The Gradle 4.10 release contains these highly-anticipated features:

  • Incremental Java compilation by default
  • Periodic Gradle cache cleanup
  • Kotlin DSL 1.0 RC
  • Plugins DSL support for SNAPSHOT plugin versions

These and other improvements are explained in the Gradle 4.10 release notes. Onward to Gradle 5.0!

Upcoming online training

Gradle job opportunities

Gradle Inc. is growing quickly. Will you help us shape the future of software automation?

The details of these and other open positions available at

Until next time!

The Gradle Team


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