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Gradle Newsletter
September 2018

Welcome to the September Newsletter!

We’re looking forward to sweater weather all over the world. Get cozy with your favorite pumpkin spice treat and enjoy the latest developments in Gradle and Android.

In this issue, we’ll cover experimental new source dependencies in Gradle, Android Gradle Plugin 3.2, and upcoming events.

From the community

New posts and projects from this month for your reading enjoyment.

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Source dependencies in Gradle

Gradle 4.10 includes experimental support for an exciting new dependency management feature: source dependencies.

Source dependencies allow you to instead have Gradle automatically check out the source from Git and build binaries locally on your machine, rather than downloading them.

Please follow the instructions in the post to try out this new feature and provide feedback.

Android Gradle Plugin 3.2.0 released

A new version of Android SDK tools was released this month, bringing some new features and performance improvements:

  • Support for building Android App Bundles
  • Improved incremental build speeds when using annotation processors
  • Migration tool for AndroidX
  • New code shrinker, R8
  • Bug fixes for Gradle build caching and compile avoidance

Check out the Android Gradle Plugin 3.2.0 release notes for more information.

Learning opportunities

Gradle job opportunities

Gradle Inc. continues to grow and is opening more roles to fill. Will you help us shape the future of software automation?

The details of these and other open positions available at

Until next time!

The Gradle Team


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