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Gradle Newsletter
October 2018

Welcome to the October Newsletter!

This issue includes the releases of Gradle 5.0 RC1, Build Scan Plugin 2.0.1, and Gradle Enterprise 2018.4.2, the introduction of Exemplar, and assorted community news.

From the community

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Gradle 5.0 RC1 Release

The Gradle Build Tool Team released the first 5.0 release candidate this week, Gradle 5.0 RC1. RC1 includes all of the features planned for 5.0 including all of the features planned for the Kotlin DSL 1.0 release, task timeouts, dependency version alignment, Java 11 support, improved gradle init, and more. It also includes some potentially breaking changes and removes some deprecated features as described in the upgrade guide.

Take a look at the RC1 Release Notes and the Upgrading from Gradle 4.X Guide to see how version 5.0 may affect your build. If you want to try the new Kotlin DSL, see the Groovy to Kotlin DSL Migration Guide. If you find bugs while upgrading to 5.0 RC1, please let us know by filing a issue on GitHub.

For Gradle Enterprise users, the newly released Gradle Enterprise 2018.4.2 is compatible with Gradle 5.0 and uses Build Scan Plugin 2.0.1 which has also been released with support for Gradle 5.0.

KotlinConf 2018 Recap

Gradle ❤️ Kotlin so it makes sense that several Gradle engineers were in attendance at KotlinConf to promote the upcoming release of Kotlin DSL 1.0 and talk with the Kotlin community.

Paul Merlin gave a talk on Type-Safe Build Logic with Gradle Kotlin DSL. This talk shows how to switch from the Groovy DSL to the Kotlin DSL and some of the benefits of using the Kotlin DSL with IntelliJ and Android Studio like debuggable build scripts, source-lookup, and context-aware refactoring. This talk also covers the performance implications of using the Gradle Kotlin DSL. It’s a must-watch for everyone getting ready for the 1.0 release of the Kotlin DSL in Gradle 5.0.

Gradle hires a Developer Advocate

October also marked an exciting new hire for Gradle, Inc. Jenn Strater joins the Developer Experience Team as a Developer Advocate for Gradle. She looks forward to helping everyone in the Gradle community achieve build happiness.

As always, please use the Gradle Forums for basic Gradle questions and report bugs by submitting an issue on GitHub. However, feel free to reach out to the Developer Experience team by email with:

  • Requests for swag (stickers and t-shirts) for Gradle-related conference talks.
  • Links to Gradle-related conference talks and blog posts you’d like them to promote on social media.
  • Requests to look over a blog post, conference abstract, or Gradle-related slide deck.
  • Invitations to speak about Gradle at conferences or meetups or to invite Jenn to be a guest on a podcast.

Droidcon SF

Droidcon San Francisco is just around the corner! Join us on November 19-20th in learning from some of the top Android dev teams from around the country. 🎉👏

Stop by the Gradle booth to pick up free swag like stickers and T-shirts. Use this link for $100 off. 💃

October Blog Posts

Gradle published 3 blog posts this month:

Video Resources

The following videos are available on the Gradle online training page:

Upcoming Events

Job opportunities

Gradle Inc. continues to grow. Will you help us shape the future of software automation? We’re currently looking for:

The details of these and other open positions available at

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Until next time!

The Gradle Team


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