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Gradle Newsletter
November 2018

Welcome to the November Newsletter!

You have more than the holidays to be excited about: Gradle 5.0 is out!

To show off new features and answer your questions, we’re hosting a live webcast on Gradle 5.0 this Thursday. You can read what’s new in Gradle 5.0, including production-ready Kotlin DSL v1.0.

From the community

Blog Posts & Videos

New and Updated Plugins

  • web3j Gradle Plugin - A plugin to connect JVM applications to Ethereum blockchains with web3j released v0.1.6.
  • Antora Gradle Plugin - A new plugin to install Antora, a site generator capable of aggregating documentation across multiple GitHub repositories.
  • Graal Plugin - A new plugin that integrates with GraalVM.
  • Betablocker Plugin - A plugin to prevent the inclusion of dependencies following a specific configured pattern such as ‘alpha’ or ‘beta’.
  • Google Play Services Plugins - Google open-sourced 3 plugins related to Play Services.
  • Gradle Site Plugin - a plugin from Gradle showing best practices for plugin authoring has been updated to show Gradle 5.0 best practices

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🎉🎉 Gradle 5.0 🎉🎉

The Gradle Team finally released 5.0! Please read and share the What’s New in Gradle 5.0 article which includes examples of many of the new features.

For users interested in using the new version, read the release notes and the upgrading from Gradle 4.X guide to see how version 5.0 may affect your build.

Kotlin DSL 1.0

With the Gradle 5.0 release, the Kotlin DSL is officially ready for widespread use. The biggest feature of the Kotlin DSL is the integration with IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3+.

You can get a preview in What’s New in Gradle 5.0 article and there will be a section of the What’s New in Gradle 5.0 Webinar devoted to demoing the Kotlin DSL.

If you are ready to try the new Kotlin DSL, see the newly updated Groovy to Kotlin DSL Migration Guide.

What’s New in Gradle 5.0 Webinar

This 1-hour live webcast demonstrates 4 key themes of Gradle 5.0:

  • What Gradle’s Kotlin DSL does and who should adopt it
  • How to take full advantage of incremental compilation and annotation processing
  • Why unexpected dependency version X was selected and how to fix it
  • What new task APIs are available in Gradle 5.0

Each topic is followed by a 5 minute pause for questions. And don’t worry, it will be recorded so you can watch it again later.

The live session will be November 29 at 10 am PT. To attend the live session or get the link to the recording afterwards, register here.

Devoxx Belgium Recap

Several members of the Gradle team attended Devoxx BE where Gradle had a booth. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by to chat with us about Gradle.

Cédric Champeau and Louis Jacomet gave a Deep Dive session on Switching to Gradle: maturity, performance, and pleasure!. This nearly 3-hour session shows the advantages of Gradle including: conventions and base plugins, incrementality (tasks, builds), advanced configuration, dependency management, and IDE integration.

Cédric also gave a conference talk about Improving Android Build Performance. Although the title is about Android performance, many of the tips and tricks are relevant to all Gradle users.

Video Resources

The following videos are available on the Gradle online training page:

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Until next time!

The Gradle Team


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