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Gradle Newsletter
September 2019

Welcome to the September 2019 newsletter.

This issue covers Swift support in Gradle, the Gradle 5.6.2 release, and the Maven 3.6.2 release, the Gradle Enterprise 2019.3.1 release, and the cost of downloading dependencies.

New Gradle content

From the community


  • Gradle Gatling Plugin 3.2.8 - The Gradle plugin for Gatling, a load testing framework, now defaults to Gatling 3.2.1 and Scala 2.12.8.
  • Checksum Dependency Plugin 1.27.0 - The Gradle Checksum Dependency plugin for validating the checksums of dependencies and Gradle plugins is now backwards compatible to Gradle 4.4.1.

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Gradle supports Swift

This blog post introduces the new native plugins that we’ve been working on. These plugins allow users to build Swift libraries and applications for macOS and Linux (but not iOS yet) with the official Swift compiler.

Plugin users can take advantage of many of the features baked into Gradle core, such as a rich dependency management engine as well as source dependencies, build cache, composite builds, finer grained parallel execution, build scans, and more.

For more information, check out the Swift Application Plugin documentation, Swift Library Plugin Application, and Swift Samples in the Native Samples Repository.

Contributions to Apache Maven

Since Gradle Enterprise supports Maven builds, it makes sense that we have been contributing to the Maven project over the last several months.

One such contribution is a fix for running projects in parallel with --fail-fast enabled. Affected Gradle Enterprise build scan users should upgrade to Maven 3.6.2. We’ve also contributed various performance improvements.

Going forward, we hope to work more closely with the Maven team to enhance the experience for Maven users of Gradle Enterprise and the build tool community as a whole.

Gradle 5.6.2

Gradle 5.6.2 is out. This version builds on the issues fixed in 5.6.1.

For more details, check out the fixed issues section of the release notes which lists the titles of resolved issues and links to the corresponding GitHub issues.

As with all releases, please upgrade to the newest version to take advantage of these new features and improvements.

./gradlew wrapper –gradle-version=5.6.2

Gradle Enterprise 2019.3.1

Gradle Enterprise 2019.3.1 is out fixing several issues raised against 2019.3.

In addition, the Gradle Enterprise Maven Extension 1.2.4 and Gradle Build Scan Plugin 2.4.2 are out fixing minor issues raised against their respective previous versions.

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Until next time!

The Gradle Team


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