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Gradle Newsletter
August 2020

Welcome to the August 2020 Gradle Build Tool newsletter.

This issue covers news from the community, a new major performance optimization called configuration cache, and the latest Gradle and Gradle Enterprise releases.

From the Community

Blog Posts


  • YourKit 2020.7 added support for Gradle run configurations in Intellij IDEA

From the Gradle Build Tool Team

Introducting Configuration Caching

Reducing the feedback time for incremental builds, especially in the IDE, has been the key focus of the Gradle Build Tool team in recent months. Gradle 6.6 ships with a highly experimental opt-in for configuration cache. The new performance feature allows Gradle to skip the configuration phase entirely when nothing that affects the build configuration, such as build scripts, has changed. It also allows running more work in parallel and other performance optimizations.

We’ve seen dramatic improvements in build times with early adopters and we are looking forward to rolling out this improvement more widely. However, note that many community plugins and a number of core features are yet to be updated to be compatible with configuration cache.

See also Introducing Configuration Caching from Gradle Team and Configuration Caching Deep Dive from Android Studio Team blog posts.

Gradle Releases

Gradle 6.6

Gradle 6.6 has been released. The highlight of this release is the experimental opt-in for the configuration cache mentioned above. This release also includes stability improvements to file-system watching announced in the previous version. Other improvements in this release include improved handling user-provided credentials and support for the Java –release flag. See release notes for details.

Gradle Enterprise 2020.3

Gradle Enterprise 2020.3 has been released. This release features Distributed Testing performance improvements, more powerful Build Scan search capabilities, and other improvements. See release notes for details.

IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2

Intellij IDEA 2020.2 has been released. This release provides project name completion and navigation for project names in build.gradle files.

Upcoming Events

See the Gradle Training webpage for an up-to-date list of all upcoming educational and training events.

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Until next time!

The Gradle Team


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