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Gradle Newsletter
January 2021

Happy building in the new year! Welcome to the January 2021 Gradle Build Tool newsletter.

This issue covers the news for the community and the new releases of Gradle Build Tool and Gradle Enterprise.

From the Community

Blog Posts

Podcasts and Videos

From the Gradle Team

Introducing Java Toolchains

Gradle 6.7 introduced Java toolchain support which was further enhanced in Gradle 6.8. This feature provides an easy way to declare with what Java version the project should be built. It detects installed JDKs and downloads one if needed. Learn more in the blog post.

Upgrading Gradle Survey

We published a survey asking about the user experience when upgrading Gradle so we can improve it. Your opinion is important to us and we would appreciate it if you could spend a few minutes answering those questions.

Gradle Releases

Gradle 6.8

Gradle 6.8 has been released. This release includes a much faster Kotlin DSL compilation and other performance optimizations, improvements to Java toolchain support including vendor selection, convenient execution of tasks in composite builds, new APIs for consistent dependency resolution, and other improvements. See release notes for details.

Faster Kotlin DSL script compilation in Gradle 6.8

Gradle Enterprise 2020.5

Gradle Enterprise 2020.5 has been released. It features Distributed Testing for Maven builds which executes your existing test suites faster by distributing them across as many machines as you provide. See the release notes for details.

Other Releases

IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3

IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3 has been released. It provides better debugging for Gradle. See what’s new for details.

New Versioning Scheme for the Android Gradle Plugin

Google announced that the versioning of the major versions of the Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) will be aligned with Gradle versions after AGP 4.2 (currently in beta), starting from AGP 7.0 (currently in alpha). See the blog post for details.


If you share our passion for developer productivity and tooling, consider joining our globally distributed team and check out our job openings at

On Thursday, January 28 (9am PT), Gradle will launch the first episode of DevProdEng Showdown. This is a series of live-streamed 30-minute events where a panel of distinguished experts debate hot topics related to DevProdEng in a rapid-fire game show-like format.

This episode’s topic is “How Best to Achieve Java Development Productivity at Scale” and this episode’s All-Star panelists include: Kyle Morre (LinkedIn); Roberto Perez Alcolea (Netflix), Simona Bateman (Fitbit), and Hans Dockter (Gradle). Click here to learn more and register.

Upcoming Events

See the Gradle Training webpage for an up-to-date list of all upcoming educational and training events.

If you have some news you’d like us to share in the next issue, use #gradle on Twitter or send us an email with the details to

Until next time!

The Gradle Team


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