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Gradle Newsletter
September 2021

Welcome to the September 2021 Gradle Build Tool newsletter.

This issue covers news from the community and the new releases of Gradle Enterprise and Kotlin Gradle plugin.

From the Community

Blog Posts


Gradle Releases

Gradle Enterprise 2021.3

Gradle Enterprise 2021.3 helps you identify your slowest tests within and across builds, facilitating more effective investment in making your tests faster in order to reduce build time.

New operational capabilities such as support for horizontal scaling when deployed to Kubernetes and support for user-managed databases such as Amazon RDS allow installations to provide increased availability and performance, while also being easier to administer.

See release notes for details.

Other Releases

Kotlin 1.5.30

Kotlin 1.5.30 introduces a number of features improving the Kotlin Gradle plugin user experience including support for Java toolchains, and an easier way to explicitly specify Kotlin daemon JVM arguments. See release notes for details.


Gradle was very proud to sponsor and support ApacheCon @home this year. The Apache Software Foundation has been running ApacheCon for over twenty years, and it never fails to inspire. It was refreshing to spend some virtual time with our fellow OSS community members and enthusiasts, and see how others are utilizing Gradle, Maven, and myriad other JVM-related technologies to build great free software.

We had a lot of fun hosting a booth contest in which participants could use our Maven Build Cache to speed up their clean Maven builds. Gradle swag was awarded to the participants with the most overall avoidance savings from cache. Watching familiar Apache projects like Ozone and CXF be built against our technology was really rewarding! While we look forward to our future in-person participation in ApacheCon, there’s no question that this year’s show was still a great experience for us.

Gradle 7 Survey

If you haven’t already provided your feedback, we would appreciate it if you could do that now. The survey will take less than 90 seconds to complete.

Why complete the survey? The Gradle Build Tool engineering team has released Gradle 7 and wants to learn more about the community’s upgrade plans, as well as to understand the reasons behind the decision to upgrade or not to upgrade at this time so we can prioritize development efforts and address upgrade impediments.

The plan is to follow-up with you with information intended to address your specific upgrade challenges and help you get the most value out of the Gradle Build Tool.

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