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Gradle Newsletter
April 2022

Welcome to the April 2022 Gradle Build Tool newsletter. This edition covers news from the community, Gradle Enterprise 2022.2 release, and the new releases of Kotlin and Intellij IDEA.

From the Community

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From Gradle Team

  • Happening in less than 24 hours! Tuesday April 26, 11:00 am PST (1 hour): Virtual Webcast - Introduction to Predictive Test Selection. Find out how to use machine learning to avoid running irrelevant tests to accelerate feedback cycles.

Gradle Releases

Gradle Enterprise 2022.2

Gradle Enterprise 2022.2 brings general availability of Predictive Test Selection for Gradle and Apache Maven™ builds, providing faster developer feedback by executing only the most relevant tests for a change. Maven users can also now benefit from Build Cache acceleration for non-clean builds. See release notes for details.

Wrapper Upgrade Gradle Plugin

​​The new Wrapper Upgrade Gradle Plugin lets you easily upgrade Gradle and Maven wrappers on Github projects. It takes care of checking the latest Gradle/Maven version, running the upgrade and creating a pull request if needed. Execute it periodically and you get Dependabot-like functionality for upgrading your wrappers.

JFR Polyfill 1.0.0

The Gradle Team has released JFR Polyfill 1.0.0 - a no-op “polyfill” implementation of the jdk.jfr.* interfaces and classes for Java Flight Recorder (JFR) instrumentation. It allows safely adding JFR events to a codebase regardless of whether the runtime environment provides the jdk.jfr package, which some JDKs do not.

It was initially created for our internal Gradle Enterprise Test Distribution profiling and debugging. However, it is generally helpful for anyone wanting to provide fine-grained JFR telemetry where the deployment runtime may not support JFR.

Other Releases

Kotlin 1.6.20

Kotlin 1.6.20 has been released bringing previews of new language features as well as faster build times thanks to the experimental ​​parallel compilation. See the blog post for details.

IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1

​​The new release of Intellij IDEA provides the Dependency Analyzer for Gradle and Maven builds to facilitate dependency management and conflict resolution, vulnerable dependency detection (in the Ultimate edition), improved IDE performance for Kotlin, support for Groovy Postfix templates, and an updated progress bar for Gradle processes like downloading dependencies and importing artifacts. See release notes for details.


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Upcoming Events

See the Gradle Training webpage for an up-to-date list of all upcoming educational and training events.

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The Gradle Team


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