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Gradle Newsletter
May 2022

Welcome to the May 2022 Gradle Build Tool newsletter. Here is a collection of news, tips and insights from the community that you can add to your Gradle tool belt as well as updates on the recent releases.

This edition is brought to you by Amanda Martin, the long-time reader of this newsletter and the first-time curator. As always, the great Gradle community has a breadth, depth and abundance of tips and wisdom. This edition lists some resources that will hopefully inspire you to learn something new or reach out to other community members.

From the Community

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  • Android Gradle Plugin 7.2.0 - Warns if your build uses a Jetifier flag (that causes slower build performance). Use Build Analyzer to see if it is safe to remove flags. Most builds don’t need this anymore as AndroidX is pretty standard.
  • Dependency Analysis Gradle Plugin v1.2.0 - Check the unused dependencies, the used transitive dependencies and dependencies declared on the wrong configuration. Yes, this also works for Android.
  • Gradle Plugins Java libraries to Modules v0.12 - The plugin to turn traditional jars into Java Modules. This new release can merge jars that have split packages into a single Module.
  • Java Module Dependencies Gradle Plugin v0.7 - The plugin to make Gradle use dependencies from files automatically so you no longer need a dependencies { } block in Java Module projects for project dependencies.

Test Retry Gradle Plugin 1.4.0

Some of your tests are flaky? The Test Retry Gradle Plugin 1.4.0 plugin causes failed tests to be retried within the same task. After executing all tests, any failed tests are retried. The process repeats with tests that continue to fail until the maximum specified number of retries has been attempted, or there are no more failing tests.

This new release runs samples against the latest released version of Gradle and uses the latest dependencies.


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