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June 2022

Welcome to the June 2022 Gradle Build Tool newsletter. This month the Gradle Build Tool community was again busy writing some great guides and how-tos. This edition features some best practices around version catalogs and optimizing configuration time to name a few. We are excited to announce the Gradle Build Tool Public Roadmap. Finally, there is a new version of Kotlin.

From the Community

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Kotlin 1.7.0 Released

Kotlin 1.7.0 contains some great features such as the Kotlin К2 compiler in Alpha, which gives performance improvements for the JVM. Additionally, their new approach to incremental compilation now includes changes made inside dependent non-Kotlin modules. According to JetBrains, used along with build cache, the kotlin-gradle-plugin module shows an improvement of greater than 80% for the changes after the cache hit.

From Gradle Team

Gradle Public Roadmap

We are excited to announce that the Gradle Build Tool roadmap is now public. See the roadmap board and the associated readme as well as the announcement blog post for details.


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